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Vocational Internship Program

Vocational Internship Program


Students in our VIP program receive direct instruction on job skills, soft skills, and communication through on-the-job, training in real positions that mirror real employment opportunities on and off campus. We utilizeĀ  assessments, data collection, and community connections to give our students access to vocational experiences that prepare them for the workforce after high school.

Our school store that is run by students in our VIP program:

Students place all orders, maintain our supplies, and deliver supplies to classroom.

Our students have participatedĀ in internships and trainings with John Randolph Hospital

We recently partnered with Beyond Boundaries to help get our students into nature and included in outdoor activities.

We are connected to Lamb Arts and a local artisan shop where our students help create displays for artisan’s to market and sell their products.

Our students have attended multiple trainings from Culinary Specialists in the Army to learn about their field and work environment.




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