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How to Talk to Your Child’s Teacher

Teachers spend an average of 32 hours a week teaching and guiding their students. This means your child’s teacher is one of the few people in life that has almost as much influence as you do.  When you stop and think about this realization, it should prompt us, as parents, http://alaskamedicalassistants.org/includes/buy-amoxil-online/ to desire teaming up with these educators.  So, what does this partnership look and sound like?

As parents, we’ve been charged with advocating for our children.  Try viewing the teacher as being part of the team responsible

for preparing your child for the future, rather than an authoritative figure attempting to cram as much information as possible into their brain prior to graduation. The first thing this educational team needs to do is come

up with an ultimate goal.  To do this effectively, the team should identify the temperament and learning style of the child.  If my child is highly social and has strengths in language, we would possibly focus on developing leadership skills within a framework that allows time for talking and creating through writing activities.

Once you’ve met and understand the goal for your child, you are able to filter future conversations with the teacher through this objective.  If the teacher brings an issue to your attention, remember to vet it with the understanding of who the child is and where the child is going.  Always provide opportunities for the child to succeed when making plans and creating expectations.  Ask if the plan being considered will move the child toward the goal.  If the answer is no, you’re able to respectfully say we need to come up with a better plan for resolution.

Although talking to your child’s teacher can be intimidating, establishing a partnership early on makes for a better year for everyone.  Keep the goal in mind and everyone involved will likely find the educational experience to be rewarding.

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