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Four Things Your Child Needs From You

It’s often difficult to figure out what your children need beyond food, clothing, and shelter. There are several things you can give to your children that can be the difference between a strong, healthy relationship and a strained one. Below we’ve listed several

things that your child needs from you and some ways you can provide these needs:

  1. Time is a difficult thing to come by for an adult. Between working, cooking, cleaning, and the occasional full night’s sleep, your time as a parent is already strained. However, above almost all else, your time is the most valuable resource you can give to your children. What you decide to do with the time is up to you, as long as you spend it WITH your child. Not on the phone. Not disengaged. Time spent interacting is a key part of building a positive relationship with your child or children.
    • Watching a movie
    • Cooking a meal
    • Exercising
    • Playing games, video or board
    • Art projects
  2. Share your interests. Think about the things that you enjoy doing now. Now think back to where you learned how to do those things. Likely, your interests now were probably learned when you were a child, watching you parents do something they enjoy. Teach your child about something that interests you, get them interested in it, and it could be something that you use to bond with your child for years to come.
    • Fishing
    • Comic books
    • Hunting
    • Camping
    • Dress up
    • Drawing
    • Coloring
  3. Life skills. Children learn how to be an adult from watching adults. The adult they likely spend the most time with is you. Teach them what it means to be an adult by allowing them to tag along or help you with “adult things.”
    • Balancing a checkbook
    • Cooking
    • Laundry
    • Cleaning
  4. Children are always learning. With this learning comes confusion, frustration, and anger. The best thing we can do is be patient with our children. Let them learn, let them make mistakes, then pick them up and help them through this time of learning.
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