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Warning Signs of Control

Do you recognize the three warning signs of control?

Our lives today are very fast paced and many outside influences cause a reaction.  With the advent of social media, professional pressures and two earner incomes, the areas requiring our inputs is steadily growing.

The steady inputs are part of a larger river of human interactions well outside of our control.  However, we do have influence.  Influence is the opportunity to guide situations or projects to meet a goal,   generally with more emphasis on outcome than methods.

Control issues lead to a

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heavy burden of stress.  Imagine the conductor of a symphony trying to lead and play every instrument.  They would be in control, but would we listen to the music?  Would the conductor be satisfied with their accomplishment?  Through practice the conductor is able to influence the harmony of all the instrument players.

Three tall-tale signs of control:

  1. Goals seem impossible to meet
  2. Methods are more important than outcomes
  3. Communications are strained  

Control establishes a nebulous process that is difficult to engage with others.  Influence is the journey of understanding the importance and milestones of the goal.   When we influence we begin a journey of growth not just in those we are trying to influence, but also ourselves.

Influence one person today and watch them growth.  Control a person today and find them waiting for the next instruction.

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