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School Profile

Success Stories

Tyshanti’s Return to Public School

If we had one word to describe Tyshanti’s improvement during her enrollment we would say “control”. She is now able to respond to circumstances and people with control, with poise, and with understanding. She has demonstrated marked improvement, so Tyshanti will be returning to public school in the fall! We are proud of her and thankful that we were able to partner with her, the school division, and her family on this journey.


Dashaun’s Return to Public school

Dashaun made a successful transition back to Public School in September of 2016. When asked how The LEAD Center helped him he said:

“The LEAD Center helped me mature. I learned that when negativity is around you need to stay positive.”

We are so happy for him and his family. He worked hard for this success. We wish him well and look forward to seeing how his maturity leads to more and more successes.

Michael’s Achieving Set Goals

Michael is determined to return to public school this year. He even went as far as getting his senior pictures taken at his home school so that when he returns he will have his picture in the yearbook. He allowed us the privilege to interview him about the goals that he has set for himself. You can see that here:

Kaitlin’s Return to Public School

Kaitlin is a high school student enrolled in the high school program at LEAD. She transferred in from another school and has made tremendous improvements in her ability to manage her emotions and responses to peers and situations. Kaitlin has developed a sense of confidence and purpose. She has connected with staff throughout the building that encourage her to set personal goals and reach them! She is beginning her transition back to public school after just under six months of enrollment at LEAD.

When asked what career path she wants to pursue after graduation, Kaitlin responded with, “I would like to get a theology degree and a psychology degree. I want to get certified in Christian counseling and equine assisted therapy.” She has a heart for listening to people, encouraging them, and she has a passion for horses. She would like to see all of these passions come together as she pursues her career.

Join us in celebrating Kaitlin’s success and wishing her the best on her future endeavors!

Wesley’s Small Victories

Wesley is an elementary student that has been served by the LEAD Center team for just shy of two years. He used to have difficulty with entering the school building, remaining in the program, and managing his emotions. We like to celebrate all victories and successes. Wesley now comes to school routinely, enters the building without a parental escort, and is able to remain in the classroom throughout the entire school day. He made small improvements day in and day out and now those small victories are turning into huge successes!

Ayana’s Community Success

Ayana is so incredibly talented. She blessed us with her beautiful voice at last year’s talent show by singing her favorite Etta James song. Her soulful voice filled our hearts and spirits. We want to take an opportunity to celebrate her passing the first round of “America’s Got Talent.” Whether Ayana progresses in the talent competition or not, we are so proud of her for pursuing her passion and overcoming all the fears associated with sharing her voice with others.



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