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Program Updates

ABA Program for students in grades K-8

We are partnering with Ashlea Krouse, LBA, BCBA, MEd. to start a NEW program at LEAD for the 2017-2018 school year! This program will offer Evidenced based interventions utilizing principles of ABA, individualized assessments and behavior plans, collaboration between home, school, and the division, assistance with functional communication, data collection and analysis, and behavioral supports and strategies in the natural environment.


We received accreditation through VAISEF (Virginia Association of Independent Specialized Education Facilities)! We became accredited in November of 2017.

Video Training

We are moving forward with current technology. We will be utilizing the creative skills of staff and administration to share ideas and content via video. Our efforts are to streamline our training programs for staff as well as to develop a media platform that reaches our student body and their family in engaging ways!

During the 2017-2018 school year we will continue to build upon the life skills video training series that we initiated in 2016.

Students are asked to created videos within their classroom that showcase what they’ve learned.

Vocational Program

Our administrative team and board of directors are working tirelessly to explore ways to create, develop, and implement a vocational program for high school students. We have discovered that our older students need a sense of purpose, a sense of motivation, and job skills that are marketable in the surrounding communities. We are excited about this new venture and are even more thrilled about the opportunities that it will present for our high school age students.

Our students created the school’s “Snack Shack” where they stock, manage, and market a school store that sells snacks and drinks to staff and students. The proceeds of the Snack Shack go towards an educational field trip. Middle and High School students must interview for positions and interact in a professional manner to be able to maintain ’employment’ at the Shack.


Bedtime Stories

Sometimes reading is difficult. Sometimes there isn’t enough time or enough energy to read to your child at night. We are developing a bank of videos that you will be able to play for your child at night to encourage their reading. They will have the opportunity to hear staff they are familiar with read a familiar bedtime story. We want to foster a passion for reading and encourage parents to partner with us while making it easy to do! Click here to see a sample!



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