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It Takes a Team

There are times when a group of people are required to come together and work as a team in order to meet the needs of a particular student.  This could http://www.tamuseum.org/get-involved/volunteer/ include their parents, case workers, teachers, and various members of the community.  Here at The LEAD Center, this “team” concept is critical in order for us to help students achieve their potential while working toward their academic and behavioral goals.  Working together effectively with a team of people requires several things that each team member must commit to continually developing in order for both our students, as well as our programs, to be successful.

Have you ever experienced a difficult scenario?  There are various challenges to working with youth in general, especially those who have trouble dealing with their emotions and/or who can become aggressive either verbally or physically.  These challenges that students with emotional disabilities present require each of our classroom teams to develop compassionate supports, communicate clearly with students as well as each other, exercise calmness in all of their communications as well as their actions, and always be consistent in managing behaviors both inside and outside of the classroom.

As we continue moving forward in providing supports for the students we serve, remember that we can’t be successful in and of ourselves.  It takes a team effort: to include supports that are clear, calm, compassionate, and consistent in order for students to achieve their goals!

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