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I like riding my bike. I’m not an avid biker, but I have fun riding it when I do. About twenty five years ago my wife and I got a couple of beach cruisers. Same style, but hers is pink and mine is black. Back then, they were the epitome of cool, but pretty basic, inexpensive, beach boardwalk cruising bikes. No gears, one speed, “cruise-alicious”. We still have them, and they have served us well. I’ve had baby seats on mine, and even a trailer. (We called it “the chariot”). We like to ride together as a family.

I have several friends who are avid bikers. Not Harley owners, but bicyclists. They tell me about their adventures and the miles, or kilometers, that they have ridden. Sometimes I think “Wow, I could get a speedy bike with gears and tear up the roads and trails of Richmond and the backroads of our state and country.” But then, reality sets in. My lifestyle is not set up for that. But we put some fun exercise in where we can. And you can, too.

Make an effort to do recreational things together. What is better than getting outdoors, doing things together, enjoying each other’s company, and getting some exercise? There are times that we could drive to a store to pick up a needed item, but make it an event by riding a bike or even walking if it’s close enough. Back roads, sidewalks, and trails make it an adventure.

Bike riding is not the only way that a family can bond and get in some exercise and movement. A game of kickball or wiffle ball in the yard or at a park is always fun. A game of hide-and-seek can get in some good exercise sprints. A jog or walk in the neighborhood can be invigorating. (But if you run with me, you’d better be prepared to do some walking, too.) Even putting on some music and having a dance contest in the living room can bring family members together and have some good exercise benefits.

Whatever you do, involve the family and get moving! Be a family in motion!

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