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Field Trips

Field Trips

We believe that transitional times throughout the day and community field trips throughout the year give us the best indication of a student’s behavioral progress. How students interact in unstructured times and in different environments can show us just how ready they are to return to public school.

In addition to seeing their behavioral progress we love field trips because we get to pour into the students academically and experientially. We believe some of the best learning comes through seeing and doing, not just reading and writing.

Here you will see example field trips that we do throughout the school year:

Students taking the educational tour through Pocahontas State



IMG_2007 Students learning about the mining process at Lucky Lake Gem Mine.

IMG_2098   IMG_2097

Students on a community outing to the local movie theater.


Elementary Program – SOL based learning opportunity at the local pumpkin patch.View More: http://opendoorsphoto.pass.us/fukushimalead

Elementary and Multiple Disabilities Field Trip – Metro Richmond Zoo rmz-jb

Elementary and Multiple Disabilities Field Trip – Maymont



High School – Career Focused Field Trip – Next Level Barber Shop and Cosmetology School



Other Photos:

img_0383 img_0434 img_0397



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