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Grow. Lead. Serve.

Our Values

The Lead Center is a private therapeutic day school. Successful and timely transition to public school is our ultimate goal.

What to Expect

Friendly Staff

Our staff are here to help. They are ready to help you pursue your goals by engaging you in the classroom and throughout the school. They will greet you with a smile, a fist bump or a hug. However we say hi – you will know that we are glad to have you at LEAD.

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What to Expect


You will receive kind words, encouragement, and specific teaching to help you reach your goals. Staff are willing to talk to you and answer questions throughout the day. We also have a licenses counselor on staff for you to speak with if you are having an issue that is not school or classroom related.

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What to Expect


Every day we follow the same routine in the classroom and throughout the school. Students may arrive at school around 8:15 and are discharged at 2:35. Our students follow an even/odd schedule throughout the week and participate in classes on a fixed schedule.

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Day to Day

You can expect to have about 10-20 other students in your class, but you will be broken into grade level groups throughout the day.

Our teachers specially design curriculum for you. They come up with creative ideas to make the Virginia Standards of Learning fun!

Staff plan field trips, fun games for the classroom, classroom pizza parties, and school wide games.

Success Stories

Return to Public School


If we had one word to describe Tyshanti's improvement during her enrollment we would say "control". She is now able to...

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Small Victories


Wesley is an elementary student that has been served by the LEAD Center team for just shy of two years. He used to have difficulty with ...

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Kaitlin is a high school student enrolled in the high school program at LEAD. She transferred in from another school and has made ...

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Community Success


Ayana is so incredibly talented. She blessed us with her beautiful voice at last year’s talent show by singing her favorite Etta James ...

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Return to Public School


Dashaun made a successful transition back to Public School in September of 2016. When asked how The LEAD Center helped him he said...

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Achieving Set Goals


Michael is determined to return to public school this year. He even went as far as getting his senior pictures taken at his ...

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